Top 10 Forts in India

Old Fort(Purana Qila)

The Purana Quila or the old fort is one of the most captivating tourist sites that narrate the history of Delhi in details. Constructed by the Mughal emperor – Humayun, the Purana Quila is evidence to the glory of the Mughal art. The Purana Quila is situated in New Delhi and is said to guard the ruins of the city of Indraprastha that is mentioned in the Mahabharata.


Old Fort Known as Dinpanah meaning the ‘refuge of the faithful', the Purana Quila was built between 1538 and 1545 by the Mughal emperor Humanyun. The fort originally lay on the bank of the river Yamuna before the river changed its course. The Purana Quila was built by Humayun in an attempt to build a city of his own. But characteristically, the Old Fort did not bear the name of its creator unlike the other emperors erecting such structure. When Sher Shah defeated Humayun most of the structures inside the old fort were demolished and was renamed as ‘Shergarh' . But once again as Humayun recaptured his city from Sher Shah's son he took the task of completing the city and rebuilding its old glory.

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