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Mumtaz Mahal

Red Fort Delhi

One of the original six main-palaces situated along the river front, Mumtaz Mahal was also known as 'Chhoti Baithak'. A beautiful water channel called 'Nahr-i-Bihisht' (meaning Stream of Paradise) flew through these palaces. However, this palace has been removed, probably because it was totally in ruins. The emperor used it to listen to the complaints of the general public and receive their petitions here only. It has a marble dais, inlaid with precious stones, below the throne and beautiful panels, inlaid with multicolored and semi-precious stones, adorn its walls. These panels were said to be designed by the Florentine jeweler, Austin de Bordeaux. The central panel depicts the Greek god Orpheus with his lute. These panels were shifted to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London by the British but were restored later in 1903, at the request of Lord Curzon.